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In the control group "Santens Service" are owned and leased warehouses of class A, designed and built in accordance with international standards and the specialized requirements for storage of pharmaceutical drugs.
Facilities, equipment, control system conditions and provide the validated storage conditions, handling of medicines in accordance with international standards of GSP/GDP.

All warehouses wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals for medical use is licensed by the Ministry of health and Social development of the Russian Federation. Customs warehouses and warehouses of temporary storage have a license for pharmaceutical activity and entered in the register of the FCS of the Russian Federation.

The company works exclusively with cargo of medicines, medical products, including dietary Supplements and cosmetics.


Our warehouse facilities are equipped with advanced racking systems made by Jungheinrich, a German manufacturer; automated management system; narrow-isle and front lifting machinery; devices and accessory equipment for palletizing goods; automatic -controlled docks and autonomous life support system.

Backup power supply generators installed at all operating sites guarantee uninterrupted supply of electric power, which is essential to maintaining a certain temperature mode required for storing drugs, operating all warehouse systems, and ensuring the communication between clients and terminals.

Quality Assurance

We can guarantee that the quality of products manufactured according to GMP and delivered to the Russian Federation from the manufacturer will be maintained at warehouses of a specialized pharmaceutical logistics operator, so that pharmaceutical products are shipped for retail sale and reach the ultimate consumer without any deterioration of their quality.


The Group’s logistics park meets the industry’s security standards: the premises are secured on a 24/7 basis and equipped with surveillance and fire safety systems. All drugs delivered to the park and handled at the company’s warehouses are insured at the expense of the logistics operator.

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