Customers are offered with the full range of pharmaceutical warehouse services. State-of-the-art technologies allows us to perform with high quality a wide range of logistic operations at A class warehouse facilities
All warehouse facilities of the group are licensed by the Ministry of Health Care and Social Development of the Russian Federation and fully meet all requirements set for pharmaceutical warehouses both by Russian and international standards.

The company services only shipments of pharmaceutical products and medical products, including dietary supplements and beauty care products.
Manual and mechanized unloading/loading palletized goods
Oversized cargo handling
Operations required for customs clearance of cargo
Inventory control
The terminals have areas for shelf and floor storage and office premises.
Storage and handling of goods at temporary storage warehouse
The terminals have areas for shelf and floor storage and office premises.

Capability to accept and dispatch cargo on a 24 hours basis
Principles of Product Movement Organization
In order to organize proper product distribution, exclude interference of product flows and ensure the orderly storage, following areas/premises of various functional purpose are allocated at the warehouses:
Receiving zones
Receiving zones are allocated depending on layout of the warehouse. They are separated from other premises and allows warehouse staff control:
  • conditions of transportation;
  • sanitary condition of transport vehicles;
  • temperature regime;
  • carry out subsequent acceptance control of delivered goods.
Main storage zones
Main storage zones have rooms with different temperature conditions:
  • cold storage (+2 … +8 С)
  • cool storage (+8 … +15 С)
  • ambient storage (+15 … +25 С)
  • rooms with special storage conditions, including for storage of narcotic and psychotropic substances.
Availability of special zones at all warehouses of the group allows us to offer customers any temperature range required for storage of any type of pharmaceutical goods intended for medical use.
Organization of special zones
Archive samples storage zones
Medical products storage zones
Order picking and control zones
Goods and materials dispatch zones
Storage conditions
Compliance with license requirements of manufacturers
In all storage rooms, specific temperature and relative humidity are maintained in compliance with requirements of licenses and manufacturers in respect of storage of different types of pharmaceutical products, which makes it possible to guarantee proper preservation of pharmaceutical products subject to their physical, chemical and pharmacological properties.
Automated climate monitoring system
In order to ensure so called routine monitoring, the warehouses are equipped with a testo Saveris climate monitoring system that allows for monitoring of storage conditions on a 24/7 basis. This system is capable to send urgent alarm signals when the "alarm level" and/or the "action level" parameters are met.
GMP quality guarantee
We work to guarantee that quality of products manufactured according GMP and delivered to Russia from the manufacturer remains unaffected and to ensure that products shipped from warehouses of specialized pharmaceutical operators retain their high quality.
Dynamics of Goods Processing
Unloading palletized goods to the warehouse
minimum time — 20 minutes; average time — 30 minutes.
Unloading non-palletized goods to the warehouse
(eighteen-wheeler, sorting included)
minimum time — 2.5 hours; average time — 4 hours.
Time of shipment of completed orders to customers from the warehouse
(from the time the truck is placed for loading)
30 minutes per eighteen-wheeler
Time of picking an order from the moment the respective request is received
(depending on the volume and structure of a specific order).
from 20 minutes to 2 hours
Batch acceptance of goods: up to 100 pallets
up to 3 hours
Batch acceptance of goods: 100—150 pallets
up to 5 hours
Batch acceptance of goods: 150 and more pallets
up to 8 hours
Processing of defect and returned goods, storage of control samples, etc.
from 30 min
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