We offer a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical warehouse services, state-of-the-art solutions and class A warehousing facilities.

Our logistics hubs have been licensed by the RF Ministry of Health and Social Development and fully comply with both Western and Russian standards for pharmaceutical warehouses.

We focus exclusively on shipments of pharmaceuticals and medical products, including dietary supplements and cosmetics.

Anna Titova
Key account Manager
+7 (495) 781-84-94,ext. 6183
Manual and power-drive loading/unloading of palletised goods
Controlling and tracking warehouse inventory

Customs clearance specific operations
Goods storage and handling at interim storage warehouses
Partitioning into racking, floor storage and office spaces
24/7 operational access
Oversized goods handling
We perform the following procedures that are standard for any pharmaceutical warehouse: acceptance of deliveries, sampling, rejecting, picking and shipping orders, removal for further disposal, etc.
Stock Movement Concept
The logistics hubs have been partitioned into space and rooms of various functional purposes to arrange goods flows, avoid their crossing and sort such flows out for proper storing
Storage Conditions
  • 1
    Compliance with manufacturers' license requirements
    Certain microclimates (temperature and humidity) are maintained at every warehouse room. The parameters are set as required by licenses and manufacturers' storage guidelines developed for medicines attributed to various product families. Thus, we are capable of preserving medicines in line with their physical, chemical and pharmacological properties.
  • 2
    Climate monitoring instrumentation system
    To measure and monitor climate parameters for sensitive goods we use testo Saveris system that operates in 24/7 mode. The system generates and sends alerts once alarm or action levels are reached.
  • 3
    GMP Quality Assurance
    We are committed to preserve the quality of every product manufactured according to GMP and supplied to the RF, and assure as a professional pharmaceutical logistics provider that supplies are leaving our facilities without any changes in their quality.
Cold Chain for Sensitive Goods

We offer storage and warehousing services for medicines that require building a cold chain
Goods Handling Performance
Unloading palletized goods to the warehouse
(Euro trailer)
minimum — 20 minutes; average — 30 minutes
Unloading unpalletized goods to the warehouse
(Euro trailer, including sorting out)
minimum — 2.5 hours; average — 4 hours
Shipping picked orders from the warehouse
(after a truck is occupying a dock)
30 minutes / Euro trailer
Order picking time after an application is received
(depending on the number of positions and order structure)
from 20 minutes to 2 hours
Receiving goods by batches: up to 100 pallets
up to 3 hours
Receiving goods by batches: 100—150 pallets
up to 5 hours
Receiving goods by batches: 150 pallets and more
up to 8 hours
Handling rejections and returns, storing reference samples, etc.
from 30 minutes
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