Reliable protection
Keeping pharmaceutical supplies intact throughout the warehouse handling stages is a primary task of our corporate Quality Policy that is a fundamental guide for the whole supply chain management.
Our logistic parks meet the industry safety and security standards.
Santens has a number of warehouse security and safety precautions in place inside and outside and also traces medicine flows through the warehousing stages such as receipt, storage, order picking and loading.

Security service
All the logistics facilities are guarded round-the-clock by professional security agencies: Argon LLC, Mastif LLC (License No. 7546 issued on December 22, 2008), Private security company Sluzhba Bezopasnosti – Granitsa + K LLC (License No. 2020). The listed companies are members of the Santens Group.
The security activities are managed by qualified professionals who gained their skills from the real life by providing a full range of security services for governmental institutions, manufacturing facilities, warehouses including customs bonded ones and gated communities. Our security employees have service records after their service in the Armed Forces and internal affairs bodies and also have been trained at the training centres of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Engineering Solutions
Santens runs regular advance trainings for the guards, including regular qualification tests, theoretical classes and drills for studying corporate regulations and improving skills in using high-tech equipment.
The security and safety at the entrusted facilities is based on using cutting-edge equipment and involvement of rapid response teams. Our state-of-the-art technical security systems deployed at the logistics hubs includes such features as CCTV, access control and management, perimeter security, and fire systems along with security alarm systems with alerts via GSM.
The temperature transducers installed in the refrigeration chambers and warehouse rooms transmit their data to the control stations. The hubs are also outfitted with fire and smoke detectors and gas analyzers.

Access Control
Our management team has approved the Access and Internal Control Regulation for the corporate logistics hubs.
The guidelines cover the in-house code of conduct at the hubs and access control rules along with the procedure to manage standard functioning of buildings, structures and equipment and ensure care, control, security for and custody of the property at the corporate logistics park.
The Regulations have been developed as required by RF legislative, regulatory and other enactments and standards governing the business activities of enterprises and organisations.

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