Leshkovo 2

Leshkovo 2
One of the largest specialized pharmaceutical storage facilities in the region
  • About this Terminal
    • Wholesale storage and processing of pharmaceutical products.
    • This Class A warehouse was built according to the built-to-suit scheme in compliance with international standards and with due consideration of the industry requirements for storage of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.
    • The territory of the facility is divided into a storage sector and an administrative sector.

    General characteristics:
    • storage capacity — 44,000 pallets;
    • total area — 28,500 sq. m;
    • storage premises — 23,000 sq. m;
    • office premises — 2,500 sq. m;
    • mezzanine — 2,900 sq. m;
    • Operational floor-to-ceiling height — 12 m
  • Storage zone
    • pharmaceutical warehouse for wholesale of pharmaceutical healthcare products;
    • temporary storage warehouse;
    • cold rooms.

    Pharmaceutical warehouse
    Storage capacity — 41,000 pallets.

    Temporary storage warehouse
    Storage capacity — 3,000 pallets.

    Cold rooms
    Storage capacity — 600 pallets.
    The logistic structure of this terminal allows for accepting and dispatching cargoes on a 24 hours basis.

    Mezzanine area is 2,900 sq. m.

    The mezzanine allows for provision of isolated zones, including:
    • fridges;
    • archive;
    • quarantine;
    • retail commissioning.
  • Technologies
    • cooling and heating are done using a rooftop system connected to a standby power supply system;
    • fire safety of the facility is ensured by a sprinkler fire-extinguishing system and fire hydrants;
    • alarm system allows for early warning.
  • Technical specifications
    • design based on a bilateral longitudinal layout;
    • the storage facility is air conditioned and equipped with a backup power supply system;
    • computer assisted monitoring and control of storage conditions (temperature, humidity) on a 24/7 basis;
    • frontal and narrow aisle racking systems;
    • Jungheirich 7−8 tier racking system with bin location functionality;
    • Testo Saveris climate monitoring system with a backup system and the function of sending alert sms messages to responsible employees;
    • Jungheirich electric-powered stackers, racking systems and loaders;
    • Manhattan SCALE Warehouse Management System;
    • docks equipped with leveling ramps and air curtains.
  • Location
    Moscow Oblast, Istrinsky District, Leshkovo village, building 244
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