Services to Ensure Compliance with Pharmaceutical Movement Monitoring System

We offer a complete range of services from pharmaceutical pack identification labelling at the customs bonded areas in the Russian Federation, through initial aggregating such packs into boxes and pallets, and to final tracing along the route of such labelled medical products, including transmitting data to the medical product tracking system (Pharmaceutical Movement Monitoring System).

Anna Titova
Key Account Manager
+7 (495) 781-84-94,ext. 6183
Placing orders and generating label codes.
Checking in medicines at the pharmaceutical warehouse, taking into the stream of commerce .
Space intended for customs operations as prescribed by customers' business processes .
Reporting about labels done.
Initial aggregation in the customs control zone.
Labelling at the customs bonded area

Initial aggregating at the customs bonded area.
Release for domestic consumption
The standard procedures at the customs bonded area are as follows: inflow and outflow recording, re-handling, sampling to prove conformance.
We perform the following procedures that are standard for any pharmaceutical warehouse: acceptance of deliveries, sampling, rejecting, picking and shipping orders, removal for further disposal, etc.
Based on our adopted best practices and our agreements with track&trace solution providers, our customers are free to select any service options: product warehousing data transmission via PharmConnector integration bus or full reporting to the Pharmaceutical Movement Monitoring System via Check Track&Trace being a leader in this field of the Russian market.
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