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WMS solutions
Santens Service group of companies manages heavy duty warehouses, servicing customers which require different logistic volumes and processes of various complexity. When enormous amount of operations is required, such parameters as high accuracy and promptness of warehouse processing of products become critical.

To automate customers' warehouse processes we use Manhattan SCALE system. WMS Manhattan SCALE meets increased requirements of our customers. Crucial warehouse processes were developed and automated with due account of logistic volumes and specific nature of customers' business: acceptance, allocation, storage, processing and dispatching of goods.

The system is capable to solve tasks, addressing current needs, and in addition the system’s parameters allow us to adapt and expand the requirement matrix if customers' businesses grow. The warehouse accounting systems have passed the procedure of qualifying validation and fully correspond to the assigned tasks, i.e. automation and tracking of the flow of operations with goods.
Warehousing tracking system is a client-server software deployed in the infrastructure of SANTENS GROUP OF COMPANIES and intended for performing inventory transactions to collect tracking information and automate the processes of tracking the movement of product packages in warehouses.

Warehousing tracking system is used for performing inventory transactions to collect information necessary for identification of products. It is designed for automation of the processes of tracking the movement of product packages in warehouses, including package transformations.

Warehousing tracking system solves the following primary problems:

  • Tracking the movement of product packages in warehouses, including package transformations;
  • Registration of data related to serialized products at the time of product acceptance:

◦ Registration of fully loaded pallets;

◦ Registration of partially loaded pallets;

◦ Registration of partially loaded boxes;

  • Registration (or aggregation on pallets) of qualified boxes (with readable SSCC codes);
  • Registration of SSCC at the acceptance (products on fully loaded pallet);
  • SSCC shifting at the acceptance (products in a fully loaded box);
  • Registration of goods and materials with the "archive sample" status / "samples" of serialized products and verification of the entered data;
  • Registration of goods and materials with the REJECTED status;
  • Registration of serialized products at the time of dispatching;
  • Control and handling procedures applicable to REJECTED goods and materials during dispatching;
  • Registration of rejected serialized products;
  • Registration of products suspected to be rejected during the acceptance, control and dispatching;
  • Withdrawal of rejected products from storage.
Integration with accounting systems of customers
Solid practical experience of integration with a variety of accounting systems, including SAP, OEBS, MS Dynamics NAV, and 1C, allows us to implement customer integration specifications of any degree of depth and complexity, from basic warehouse flows to such real-time transactions as adjustments and changes in the status of each package unit.

Working with customers, we use different reservation strategies — FIFO, FEFO, LIFO, LEFO, Minimize visits, Maximize space, etc., both in aggregate and according to a pre-set priority order.

The integration interface: we use our proprietary middleware platform with the ability to use AS2, SFTP, and FTPS exchange protocols.

Electronic exchange of T-messages (that contain information about carrying out business transactions involving serialized products) between a Logistics Service Customer and Logistics Supplier is performed by means of PharmConnector, a unified integration component installed on the Logistics Supplier’s side.
Organization of internal IT processes
To improve the quality of services, our experts work to provide on-going optimization of the current and introduction of new warehouse processes. 24/7 technical support is available for warehouses operating on a 24 hour basis, with 98% service availability every month.
Ensuring business continuity
The security and availability of services is ensured by backups of hardware and communication channels, access control, operational control, and long-term storage of backups.

Certain warehouse processes involve higher risks related to safety of personnel and operators of machinery. To prevent accidents and ensure safety, all warehouse facilities have software installed to block operations of cargo handling machinery in narrow aisle racking alleys until order pickers have left the dangerous area.
Reporting forms are designed according to requests from customers and provide a full picture of operations:
  • Customers – statistics of storage and operations, ABC-XYZ analysis, etc.
  • Manufacture – BI, KPIs of production personnel, etc.
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