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The corporate Quality Policy, Information Security Policy and IT Service Management (ITSM) concept are primary guidelines for the IT Directorate's activities.

Dmitry Bagley
4PL & IT Director
+7 495 781 8494
Santens Group’s area of expertise includes managing high-capacity warehouses and servicing customers whose logistics scopes differ and whose processes are complex to different extents. Regular busy periods with peak loads are underlain our focus on such parameters as high accuracy and speed of warehouse handling.

Manhattan SCALE is a full-featured warehouse management system that facilitates scaling to satisfy growing needs of our customers. The following warehouse processes have been arranged and managed in line with our customers' stock sizes and business specifics: receiving, slotting, storing, handling and releasing of goods.

The system does not only react to current queries but has certain settings to adapt and extend the requirement matrix for the proposed business growth of our customers. Our warehousing solutions have been validated and fully suit to our purposes: automation and tracking goods operations across the chain.
Warehousing tracking system is software that is installed on Santens hardware (client and server sides) to trace warehouse operations, log tracking data and follow goods packaging flows across the warehouse.

Warehousing tracking system is used in the course of warehouse operations to collect product identification details and designed for tracing product packs moving across the warehouse including relevant transformations of such packs.

The key functions of the warehousing tracking system are as follows:

  • Tracking packs moving across the warehouse including relevant transformations
  • Recording serialized products when receiving
  • Recording full pallets
  • Recording incomplete pallets
  • Recording incomplete boxes
  • Recording / aggregating boxes that suit for a pallet with readable SSCC codes
  • Recording SSCC codes for incoming items (products aggregated to a full pallet)
  • Re-handling SSCC codes for incoming items (products aggregated to a box)
  • Recording inventories attributed to archived samples/samples of serialized products and verifying input data
  • Recording inventories attributed to rejections
  • Recording serialized products when shipping
  • Following up actions prescribed for rejected inventories when shipping
  • Recording rejected serialized products
  • Recording proposed rejections when receiving, inspecting and shipping products
  • Removal of rejections when storing
IInterfacing Customers' Stock Management Systems is possible
We gained vast practical experience in integrating with various stock management system including SAP, OEBS, MS Dynamics NAV, and 1S, which enables implementing customers' terms of reference irrespective of their complexity and integration depth: starting from base warehouse streams to such real time operations as making adjustments and modifying statuses for individual packed items.

In line with the approaches of our customers, we practice various strategies for allocating space such as FIFO, FEFO, LIFO, LEFO, Minimize visits, Maximize space, etc. all together or in line with set priorities.

We use the following integration interface: own middleware platform compatible with AS2, SFTP, FTPS.

E-exchange of T-messages detailing business operations involving serialized products between customers and logistics provider is arranged via a standardized integration component, PharmConnector, installed on the logistics provider's hardware.

  • IT in-house processes
    To improve service quality, our experts keep on optimizing current warehouse processes and introduce new ones. Our team is 24/7 available for the hubs operating around the clock; the service uptime is 98% per month.
  • Business continuity
    The security and availability of the services are delivered through backing up hardware and communications links, access control, operational control and long-term storage of back-up copies.

    Certain warehouse processes may imply higher injury risks for personnel and machine operators. To prevent accidents and ensure safe environment, specialized software has been installed to interlock handling machinery in the narrow aisles of the racks at every hub while order pickers are working.
  • Reporting
    The reporting forms conform to customers' requests and indicate operational activities:

    • Customers: statistics by operations and storage, ABC XYZ inventory analysis, etc.
    • Operations: BI analytics, warehouse personnel KPIs, etc.
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