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Santens Serrivce group of companies is a dynamically developing business.
Our personnel policies are based on understanding of importance of investments in skilled staff as the formula for strategic success in future. We place great emphasis on building management teams in warehouse facilities and the managing company, take care of professional development of our employees, their moral and economic motivation and social security.

Human Resources Department
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Help at the start
Santens Serrivce group of companies is a responsible employer. We try not only create comfortable and safe working environment but also encourage professional development, self-motivated work, self-improvement and training of our employees. Our production employees receive solid training in the Training Center from their first days in the company, which allows them to quickly gain new knowledge and skills required for their work.

The company encourages employees to receive professional development training and participate in profession oriented workshops and conferences. It is of high importance for us that each member of our team brings their experience and new insights into established business processes. Fresh ideas, high productivity and drive for results are the things we value most in work.
Staff development
Allegiance and loyalty to the company are obligatory rules for each employee. That is why we in addition to economic motivation pay attention to the level of involvement of members of our team in the company’s projects, their personal motivation, professional and career development and put great effort in creation of comfortable psychological and working environment. We follow the principle of mutual respect.

Our employees are a valuable asset of the company. Success of our business depends on people involved in all processes, therefore interest of each employee in achieving the highest result and improving efficiency and quality of the work are an important part of Santens Serrivce group of companies' personnel policy.
The holding has its own Training Center. The Training Center is a part of the Quality Assurance Directorate. The Training Center and Quality Assurance Service developed the following programs in connection with the implementation of relevant SOPs:
  • training programs for job positions;
  • personnel training plan based on the position-functions-SOP principle.
Periodic training is provided according to documented procedures subject to available training programs for personnel having different qualifications. We conduct the training using the WebTutor automated tutoring system. Upon completion of the training, its effectiveness is evaluated by tests. We have a training program for each job position, which includes mandatory annual GDP training. The training is conducted by the company’s experts and by various external training centers, including VIALEK Group of Companies, SGS, and TUV ZUD.


Our company introduced a Mentorship system at warehouse facilities for training and accelerating the professional development of employees and develop their abilities to independently and efficiently accomplish assigned tasks. The Mentorship helps new employees adapt to our corporate culture, learn the best practices employed by our team and the rules of conduct and develop a conscious and creative attitude to the performance of their duties.

The Mentorship system is intended to improve the quality of training and qualification of the employees, promote a positive attitude to the job in new employees, and help them achieve established performance indicators faster.
Mentorship is effective due to its personalized approach, and no other form of training can be as targeted and close to real conditions as mentorship. Mentors can quickly respond to mistakes made by trainees, analyze them in detail and point out the correct course of work. In our companies, mentors are the most experienced employees whose primary traits are the ability to listen, be tolerant and explain clearly.

The company invests in a long-term employees' rights protection program to offer such employee benefit programs as accident insurance, death or birth benefits, and other allowances that comply with local laws, in addition to other benefit packages.

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