The largest national pharmaceutical operator
Our goal is to make medical treatment more accessible and less expensive, as well as to shorten the path pharmaceutical products take on their way from the manufacturers to the patients
20 years

of successful development on the Russian pharmaceutical logistics market

100+ clients 

use customs services

40+ client

use pharmaceutical products storage and processing services at our specialized pharmacy warehouses
2+1+6 warehouses

two temporary storage warehouses, one bonded warehouse, six pharmaceutical warehouses
500+ professionals

work at the Group sites

200 000+ pallets

the Group manages its own and leased Class A specialized warehouses that are capable to store and process over 200,000 pallets
About Santens Group of Companies
Santens Group of Companies was founded in 2000 and is a specialized logistics operator focused exclusively on providing services for distribution networks of finished pharmaceutical and similar products on the Russian market.

The Group includes the following operational companies: Danom LLC, the holding company, JSC "SANTENS SERVICE" that operates pharmacy warehouses; JSC "Norston" that provide storage and processing services at bonded and temporary storage warehouses, customs clearance services and quality conformity confirmation in respect of pharmaceutical products. Santens Logistic Group LLC is the managing company of the Group.
Our Services
Quality Assurance
The company employs and operates a quality management system (QMS) that is an integral part of the company’s general quality assurance system.
In 2018, Santens Group of Companies successfully passed an audit of its quality management system that was conducted by SGS, a global system quality certification institution, which is confirmed by a CH15/0960 certificate
Integrated approach in the implementation of QMS
Integrated approach to the design of the company’s quality assurance system is based on the implementation of:

  • requirements of Russian laws;
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 31 000 concepts;
  • GxP rules (GMP EU, GDP EU, GSP WHO)
The strategic goal of the company is implementation of a pharmaceutical quality system based on the requirements of ICН Q10 and ICH Q9 and a quality risk management system.
We offer
Consulting Support
In addition to the company’s primary services, our specialists provide recommendations to our clients on the following issues
  • Foreign trade;
  • Customs clearance procedures and customs laws of the Russian Federation;
  • Preparation of facilities for obtaining a license to carry out pharmaceutical activities (a license to wholesale pharmaceutical products, a license to store pharmaceutical products).
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